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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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 Cyberpunk, Constructs, Etc.

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Cyberpunk, Constructs, Etc. Empty
PostSubject: Cyberpunk, Constructs, Etc.   Cyberpunk, Constructs, Etc. I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 24, 2014 1:38 pm

Dead to Rights operates primarily on a post-apocalyptic, Steampunk basis. Other versions of Cyberpunk, such as Stonepunk, Nowpunk, Decopunk, Atompunk, Biopunk, Nanopunk, Neo-victorian, Dieselpunk, and Clockwork Punk are also allowed. Expect, however, Steampunk to be the most common (regardless of which form; I am very partial to regular, Gothic, and Western Steampunk), with Clockwork Punk running up a close second; Dieselpunk relies on various forms of gasoline (making it, arguably, the dirtiest option) and thus is a bit difficult to fuel and maintain because the world is post-apocalyptic and the average person can't exactly run through the refining process necessary for gasoline of any type.

Elfpunk, Dreampunk, and Mythpunk are only allowed on specified basises, if at all.


Constructs are any creations, based off living creatures or otherwise, made by use of technology. There are two types, living and mechanical, with very few people being able to "breathe life" into them to make them living. For the most part, these are also generally very small, servant-type robots, or vehicles of some type. (Techincally, airships count as constructs, though they are solely mechanical.) There are limits to the capabilities of constructs, mostly dealing with fuel sources, range of motion, and intelligence. Cameras are the most reliable way to gather information with a construct, but to do so, one must be hooked up to a computer of some type, which is usually connected to the Network. Biomechatronics and prosthetics are also allowed, such as for mechanical transplants, etc.

  • Fuel Sources: Due to the post-apocalyptic world, it is fairly difficult to maintain power supplies. Electricity is still a viable option, but is generally restricted to public, rather than personal, use. Gasoline is available by tapping into fuel depots that still maintain such, though it is probably the most limited supply. Solar energy, also electricity, is currently the easiest and most practical power source, especially for personal, public, and professional uses. Hydro-power is used near any running water sources of significant, and thus sufficient, size. Wind power is possible in open areas, though is not always reliable. Steam, as this is Steampunk, is also aviable energy source. The remains of batteries can be used or made, though they generally require some form of charge or else they render the construct useless. Clockwork power sources are possible as well, such as winding things up, or pendulums, but they tend to require constant surveillance because of how short-term the power is. One can also use cycling, running, etc. hooked up to various personal generators, but this is generally only effective while the person is still moving. Allerium, the magic-based element brought by some of the impacts, is also a fuel source, though it is unstable and tends to cause dibilitating side effects, such as various psychological, and occasionally physical, defects. Prolonged exposure can worsen these as well as cause, possibly, magical talents. Death, however, is also possible.
  • Range of Motion: Remember that, overall, ball-and-socket joints generally have the greatest range of motion; constructs, however, generally lack this capability. Constructs are stiffer than human bodies, and their joints can generally only bend in one direction. Because of this, and their llack of flexibility, they also break far easier.
  • Intelligence: With or without computer chips of some level, constructs generally have a single tasks that they are assigned to fill. While they often excel at said task, they are incapable of higher thinking. They work with raw facts, and do not problem solve nearly as easily. This is an apocalypse --- all forms of technology have to be made from scrap or scratch, and thus super computers are among the most unlikely, especially in everyday constructs.


The Network is roughly a registry system set up by the first to pull technology out of the rubble; all survivors, as well as anyone born since, are registered on the Network. Unless someone was born nomadic after the apocalypse, there is no exception to this.
Very few people can understand the Network coding, known as Cardonian, but those who do generally have connections to the original ones that set up the Network itself. This, in addition, gives them pretty high clearance in not only the Network, but in factions as well.
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Cyberpunk, Constructs, Etc.
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