Dead to Rights
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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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PostSubject: Timepiece    Timepiece  I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 11, 2014 7:46 pm

Aleph, Morrigan

Codename: Timepiece

Timepiece  Konach11

Age: 19

Ethnicity/Race & Species: White/Cyborg

Cyborg Parts The main piece of her cyborg parts would be the clockwork heart in place of her real one. This clockwork heart preforms just as good as a real heart and sometimes even better is she wants to. This heart however while efficient only lasts about a month before needing to be wound back up again. Along with this glaring change to her anatomy there is also the matter of her left eye which was also changed. The eye has a small camera that is hooked to her optic nerve which allows full vision. The camera is powered by a couple of batteries which are located in her chest cavity along with her mechanical heart. The cavity can be accessed with the built in hatch over her breast which is un-noticeable unless you already know it's there. This allows the ability to wind her heart up and change batteries if needed. The false eyes face is also apart of her mechanizations which is hooked up to her heart. The face of the eye looks like an old grandfather clock with dials and roman numerals. The clock arms rotate counter clockwise to represent the fading time of her heart until it needs to be rewound.

-Past: None
-Present: Assassin

Class(es): Gunslinger/Diplomat

Allegiance: Herself

Language(s) English,Russian,German,Italian,Japanese,Chinese,Portuguese ,Spanish(Spain),Spanish(Mexico),French

-Past: Not born yet
-Present: Usually wherever her last kill was living.

Appearance: Standing at around 5'4" she wears a Gothic style red and black Victorian dress with a bit of lace near the top of the breasts. Pale skin and twin tails raven black hair that reaches just below mid-back. A black collar and metal buckle with black lace like material around her throat. Forearm sleeves that go just back behind the elbows and go all the way up covering her wrists with a puff out frill covering most of her hands. The dress itself has straps to support for the shoulders and a corset like torso section that form fits her chest and stomach area very snugly with a bit of room. From there it proceeds to more dress like expanding out very flowy with a large perfectly tied bow just at the waist. Knee-high black laced up boots that cover her stockings. A red and black bonnet covers her head and keeps her hair in place. One of her eyes is false showing that of a golden clock face that counts backwards. She is very skinny but very toned and seems taller than she is because of this.

Personality: Seductive... utterly and absolutely irresistible when she attempts to sway someone using all of her feminine charms, linguistic skill, and subtle ways to worm inside someones head, heart, and other places just as special. She's not above touching intimately or whispering softly into someones ear, nibbling or even licking a person to get them to follow her or listen to what she says. Though this is used secondary after her manners which can only be described as lady-like albeit a lady of high enough stature to talk down to some at times but only if the person is stupid or ignorant. One can easily catch themselves off-guard as she moves so close when she talks one on one using every weakness she finds in someone to her advantages. This lady-like personality and hidden seductress are just surface layer and middle layer as Morrigan's true self is her sadistic undertone that only takes over in a good fight or when something she hates happens. This side of her is always giggling... well not always but you get it she laughs a lot. Bloodthirsty and raring to go in a fight she'll be absolutely merciless to everyone that is in her way. She's also cocky in her abilities but for good reason. She really hates animals in suffering and will kill people to teach them lessons in there final hour. She also has this thing about time... she can go on and on about peoples time because since her heart is basically a time keeper now it really hits home. Works for herself and no one else EVER period. No matter how long you are together she is always manipulating someone or the situation to get what she wanted from way back. She's actually under all those layers at her core a nice girl... sweet and caring of those who can peel away at all that she is but her attitude towards those special few will only change slightly on the surface to those outside her circle but those that know her well will see the drastic changes though she will never admit that people can or will or have gotten close to her.  

Biography: Her family was killed by roving marauders when she was little... around four or so and she saw her mother die from her hiding spot. She doesn't know what happened to her father but she expects him to be dead to. A day or two after this event a caravan with a well to do person came by and due to the appearance of the trashed camp the guards of the caravan stopped to check for bandits but finding a little girl instead. Feeling sorry for the girl the man adopted her into hos life as he didn't have a family of his own or at least not anymore. He taught her to be proper and raised her in as good of an education he could by teaching her every language he knew for his long life as he was old... at least late fifties or early sixties. Morrigan often got to read books as well for the man had saved a lot of his collection somehow during the crisis learning about all kinds of culture. Learning to shoot however came from a necessity in the post world despite the old mans reservations about it so he had her taught properly by an expert he hired. Her psychosis didn't start to show itself until the beginnings of her teenage years right around when she was being taught to shoot. The man that was raising her had grown sickly during these years and didn't get to spend a lot of time with her like usual but she did. She spent hours and hours next to his bed the picture of the perfect girl he had raised without any hint of the slight off-ness she held within her as he held it at bay for she loved this man and would never shatter his heart. Unfortunately when Morrigan was sixteen the man that had raised her died and once again she was alone in the world and the darker side of her had lost its leash so taking her considerable skill with firearms and fighting she proceeded to be a young fem-fatal using her looks and mannerisms to lure targets to their death. However when she was seventeen a job went wrong and an explosion wrecked her world. The shrapnel destroyed her eye and her heart... she became like the old military saying a dead man walking as the shrapnel was buried in her chest digging its way through the muscles to kill her later. After this once again she was saved by a passing man who happened to be good with machines and medicine who implanted her heart and her eye reviving her from near death. Morrigan found herself attached to him... like she was with the old man loving him for her life though now that she was as old as she was this came at the price of her body. She didn't mind it really... loving him for saving her and keeping her around without killing and discarding her like what happened to her family. Eventually a few years later she was forced to shoot the man that saved her and fixed her as he had gotten so possessive over the years and threatened to destroy her if she tried to leave him after going to town without telling him once. She wept at his death even if it was at her hands because despite his roughness she had deep seated feelings for him. Now nineteen she makes a living killing for hire or just for herself if the need arises.

Weaponry: One heavily modified flintlock pistol and one heavily modified short musket. The guns while keeping there old time looks have been modified with internal clip systems and semi-auto mechanisms. The barrels have also been rifled to up to date standards as well. As well as a standard dagger

Timepiece  Double11

Timepiece  Double10

Timepiece  51910_lrg


Her key... that is to say her wind up key that powers her heart.
A standard almost military grade filter mask.

What year, on site, did the world end? 2014
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