Dead to Rights
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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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 "Rusty Jacket" Quin

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PostSubject: "Rusty Jacket" Quin    "Rusty Jacket" Quin  I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 20, 2014 1:15 am


Codename: Rusty Jacket

"Rusty Jacket" Quin  Tumblr_mkc9771JcE1s7qi5ro1_500

Age: 30

Ethnicity/Race & Species: Human English/Germanic

-Past: Apprentice gunsmith/Junior in Highschool
-Present: Professional Gunsmith,Mechanic and Hitman

Class(es): Gunslinger,Mechanic

Allegiance: Freelancer until decided

Language(s): English and German

-Past: Rural Kansas in a small town
-Present: A abandoned vault that he renovated to become his shop just north of a town in what used to be North Dakota.

Appearance: Quindaro is 5' 9'' with grey and messy hair, aqua blue eyes, he has a midnight blue gas mask connected to a small respirator unit that is part of the charge unit hanging off his bag. He has a medium body build and a mild voice range that to a Alto-Tennor. He usually wears a scarf or a type of mask to obscure his face when he's in a hostile environment along with his goggles that have a small light built into the side that is also charged by the small unit hanging off his pack. When out in the open he wears light canvas cargo clothing along with a grey/brown cloak or jacket of sorts. He also wears a couple types of combat boots that are usually black or OD Green, he lets his pants go over the upper boot to allow comfortably and concealment. Underneath his jacket is two holsters for his pistols on both sides of his belt and a couple of pouches and slings along the back for various other tools. On his back he carries a Wide hiking bag that can store food for a couple days, enough ammo for a week, and a little bit of space for various other things such as tools and personal items. Hanging off the bottom of the bag is a small battery/charge tool, the charging pump is strapped to his belt, this battery provides a few hours of energy if in use constantly before it needs to be charged up with the pump.

Personality: A very mellow man who is willing to help with certain conditions to the situation. Quindaro thinks outside the box or perhaps uses the box to make something quite handy to have. He doesn't drink often but when he does he usually passes out before any noticeable effects actually happen. In times of urgency Quin's Mellow personality fades and his instincts kick in and he adapts his reactions according to the situation details.

Biography: When Quindaro was 16 he was a second year apprentice Gunsmith underneath his father who was a master Gunsmith and who owned a company that produced custom-made weaponry ranging from simple gun modifications to advanced re-creation of the gun itself. One day Quindaro is in school and he recieves a notification that his school was willing to send him to North Dakota to compete in a shooting competition. His father promptly agreed to send him there shortly after Quin showed him the form. A few weeks later Quin was whisked away along with his personal weaponry.

-.408 CheyTac "Intervention"
"Rusty Jacket" Quin  Desert_suppressed_m200_intervention_by_chloeeuphemissoledad-d5smv93

-Dual .45 1911's
"Rusty Jacket" Quin  10qeamf

When he arrived in ND he was taken to a special barracks where the contestants would stay for the next few days, also where their weapons would be stored in a special room. When competition day rolled around two days after the qualifiers were held, only Quin and 4 other boys resided in the competition. That day they lined up the finalists for the last competition in the longest shot competition with their select weaponry. Quindaro was the last up with the shot that was 3/4's of a mile away and all the other boys hit just a nick off of the bullseye. Quindaro stepped up with his sniper and positioned to fire, just as he squeezed the trigger a siren was going off not tornado nor air-raid... but a different tone entirely. Quin had hit the bullseye dead center, but the competition didn't matter anymore because when they walked out of the overhang they saw the sky open up into what seemed to be a vortex of some kind releasing various Massive pieces of debris and space junk. In sheer panic the men inside the small base evacuated to the nuclear bunker a quarter mile away. The Sargent in charge of watching us told us to grab what we could and run to the bunker. In this time the boys ran to the barracks and grabbed what they could. Quindaro grabbed his rifle, pistols, suitcase and backpack and ran out the door where one boy was trailing him and made it out before a massive piece of debris fell on the barracks and crushing the two boys still inside. Quindaro looked over his shoulder in shock but kept running towards the bunker, his mind felt scrambled as he dashed across the field to the bunker blast doors. Right when he got through the other boy trailing behind him by a few seconds came through also the few soldiers who made it closed the blast doors just before a piece of Space junk nearly crushed them entirely. The bunker they were in was Fairly big having a fully stocked armory in the basement along with fuel to last up to 5 years, a bunk/rec room with board games books and an old T.V from the early 2000's. Then there was a room with non-perishable items, rations, and enough water to last them longer than 5 years if they conserved it correctly. Quindaro sat against the wall and thought about the current situation, then he suddenly realized, the society that they knew... is gone... he skipped out on his dinner that night and just listened to the whirling breeze, the generator provided to keep them from heating up to badly, as he sat in bed thinking about is family if they were safe or if they were dead, then he thought of the two boys who had died in the Barracks above ground. After not eating for a few days Quindaro began to feel faint until the other boy.... Thomas.... fed him some canned beans to help Quin out after seeing his mental state. After that Quin slowly started to regain himself. After a year passed the headcount slowly went down thanks to slowly depleting morale leading to suicide, Quindaro had found a tool kit in one of the Humvee's he looked through he then started to make things out of the steel he could scrap from useless things. After 3 more years he'd worked on re-routing the power from the rest of the base to the Blast doors to get them to open, after quite a few tries he finally succeeds and the doors hurled themselves open to reveal the major change in landscape from the green pastures that was there now is tallgrassed fields and all the buildings have decayed and have been destroyed into nothing but rubble. From there we went to where a town was and now is mostly rubble, we slowly started to rebuild the town getting better at building and creating building material from the scrap that was left to us after the "End" and we called the town "Beginning"

10 years later

Quindaro and his little group had finally finished expanding their little town to a moderate sized town that had running water established, along with plenty of food after adapting to the environment they had it made. Quindaro had moved into the bunker using it as a mechanic's shop where he could make anything that anybody wanted provided that they had the scrap for it. Quin in his free time had taken the humvee parts and made a solar powered buggy out of them so that they would not be limited to gas power. Although it happend 14 years ago and raged for what seems like about 3 years it's still fresh in their memories of the events of that day as Quin will never forget that he could of died if he'd stayed a moment longer in the barracks. The day that the sirens rung out without warning haunts Quindaro to this very day.

What year, on site, did the world end? June 8th, 2014
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Mistress Lani
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"Rusty Jacket" Quin  Empty
PostSubject: Re: "Rusty Jacket" Quin    "Rusty Jacket" Quin  I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 28, 2014 9:28 am

I would personally appreciate if the personality had a longer description, but otherwise, I LOVE him! Smile
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"Rusty Jacket" Quin
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