Dead to Rights
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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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Hamish McDougall

Codename: Shattered

Shattered <a href=Shattered Shatte10

Age: 24

Ethnicity/Race & Species: Scottish/Human

-Past: Child
Repairman/Cybernetics Dealer/Mad Inventor

Class(es): Tinkerer/Machinist

Allegiance: Himself

Language(s) English and Gaelic (for choice swear words)

-Past: He lived with his parents before the world ended
-Present: Nomadic

Appearance: Hamish is a dark Scotsman with brown hair and darker skin compared to his kin. That still isn’t saying too much with placed with the rest of the world for comparison. He wears a brown duster and a faded pair of jeans, work boots, a pair of heavy gloves, and a pair of googles that he rarely takes off. They stay on because his eyes were damaged during the end of the world, leaving him extremely sensitive to bright light. When he wears the goggles, he can perceive the world normally, but, if taken off during the day or in any light except dim lighting, he will blinded.

PERSONALITY : Hamish used to be a pretty normal boy growing up in a suburb near Edinburgh. However, the events of the end of the world have left him with paranoid schizophrenia. He constantly hears voices telling him to build new things because what he already has isn’t good enough, but then the voices will tell him that he is useless at his job and make him destroy his work, sending him into fits of unbridled fury. Bringing him out of these fits is extremely difficult to do, and impossible if he does not know and trust you already. He isn’t completely satisfied unless he is fiddling with something in his hands or working on a project. Trusting people is very hard for him because he is constantly being told that people are only befriending him to use him and his work.

Biography: Hamish was born to a middle class family in Edinburgh, Scotland. For the first ten years of his life, he had a very normal upbringing. As an only child, his parents devoted their time to him and made sue that he was well taken care of. However, when he was 10 years old, the meteors hit, ripping away his family, and his sanity. He witnessed both of his parents’ deaths, a sight which left scars in his mind. He fled, like everyone else, but was left alone for a lot of the time before people began to reemerge. It was during those dark days that the voices first came to his head. They told him that he had failed his family, his friends, and himself. They told him that all he did was destroy and take, and said that he should redeem himself for his crimes, and that was when he began to seriously start creating things. He had always loved playing with Legos, Tinker Toys, and Lincoln Logs as a kid, but those were always out of fun. Now, he wonders around, too afraid the settle down in one place too long because he is afraid people will steal his projects.
The places that he does call home for brief times are always filled with different projects and schematics that he has either drawn or stolen. The voices driving him to build has given him an almost preternatural ability to create just about anything that he has seen or made, and they also drive him forward by whispering new ideas and things for him to build. If he is not pushing forward to build something, the voices constantly belittle him and try there hardest to push him to continue his work. He doesn’t know what they are wanting him to build, but he cannot handle them all yelling at him, so he simply builds. He has no reserve for what he views as a project. He will work with metal, clockwork, allerium, even flesh. If the project calls for it, he will find it.
His most prized work is his construct, Goliath. To Hamish, the piece of metal is like a son to him. He has been working on him for nearly ten years now, and it still nowhere near done working on him. Goliath stands at nine feet and weighs in at approximately half a ton. His make up consists of primarily scavenged metal that he melted down and reforged when he was staying in a broken down foundry. However, Goliath contains a resource that sets him apart from other automatons: allerium. In his exploration, Hamish discovered a cache of the material by following what he called,"a beautiful song." He used it in experimentation, trying to see what it would do to his construct. This resulted in years of exposing himself to the corrupting element has left his mind permanently scarred and beyond any from of healing. However, the payoff was worth any side effect. The allerium forged between them a psionic link that allowed Hamish to command him. The power source, a magical fusion core, ensured that the robot would operate indefinitely. The allerium also gave Goliath a basic form of consciousness that allowed him to understand complex commands and it increased the construct's speed and strength. Goliath is utterly devoted to Hamish, obeying any command to the letter. The allerium in his core is still producing new effects, allowing the robot to grow and evolve new abilities. With sufficient time, who knows what it could be capable of.
Currently, he staying in a broken down lab area that he has refurbished in a scrap heap that is visited often by scavengers. He typically keeps to himself, but is known to take commissions from people to build things for other materials that are harder for him to get a hold of. However, approaching him is always a gamble because one may never know if flesh is the ingredient he needs for his current work. His main way of interacting with other people is usually through enhancements or upgrades that he makes that people want to buy from him.

What year, on site, did the world end?
June 8th, 2014
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