Dead to Rights
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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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 Compound (WIP)

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PostSubject: Compound (WIP)   Fri Jun 13, 2014 3:59 pm



Age: 27

Ethnicity/Species: Elf

Scientist + Assassin
-Past: Before the apocalypse, Eva had no interest in school academics. She was an athlete at heart. Track and field, Water Polo, Archery, these were her domain and in college she she was the best around. She was only there because she was convinced by her parents.
After "it" happened, the destruction of the world, she found herself on the campus of her old college, amazed to be alive. But the radiation did take a toll on her that she still has yet to understand. Her ears, elongated and sharp, and her mind was evolved and things made so much sense suddenly. There weren't many things she couldn't figure out, but one of them was how she had become so scientifically smart. In order to fund her research she has to do some unsavory work, and she finds that her previously acquired skills are quite handy.

Class Liquor Alchemist/Ranger Variant

Language(s) English/French

-Past: College dorm
A decent Brownstone

Appearance: (Hopefully you look like...something. Not sure what though)

Personality: She was much different before all of this but, now she was cold hearted to strangers, and determined. She has only one task now and she's willing to do anything to see it through.

Biography: Escaping the ruins of her college, her social life, and her previous key to the future all she had was the clothes on her back and her boyfriend who barely clung to his life. She has been taking care of him in the safety of her brownstone since the incident. Whatever affected her, was in him too and through her help he could survive, and she could understand exaclty whats going on with the two of them.
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Compound (WIP)
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