Dead to Rights
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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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 Alan Trentson WIP

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James the Hacker

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PostSubject: Alan Trentson WIP   Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:50 pm

Alan Trentson

Codename: Walker of Skies

Age: ??? He lost track, but he believes he is 20-ish,

Ethnicity/Race & Species: Caucasian & Homo Forcus

-Past: kid
Priest of the Order of the True Force

Class(es): Dark Priest / Tinkerer

Allegiance: Order of the True Force

Language(s) Fully: English, Forcian (mixture of Candorion, English, and snippets of Spanish)  Partial: Spanish

-Past: he was too young to remember
-Present: Nomadic

Appearance: Walker of Skies stands at 5' 10", has short brown hair, and through mutations from the 'End' has fully black eyes, with a circle of white around the pupil. Excluding the white circle around the pupil, his eyes have no white in them. He wears black pants and a black shirt, with the sleeves of the shirt covered in metal plating, the plating doubles as armor and making solar power. His right arm is covered in a full arm gauntlet, that helps increases his right arm's strength. It does the job when he is moving and punching things. On the gauntlet is a black stick that looks like it could be used for windup power but in reality is his weapon, called SaberForce II. The first one, unfortunately, was destroyed and couldn't be fixed.  

Personality:  He, truly, is crazy  for the power of the True Force. He is the serious type that will kill anybody who tries to convert him to something else. He believes that eventually, everybody will join the Order of the True Force as they will see the power of the True Force revealed. Although he is serious, he likes to joke around. He is bipolar, has a little OCD in the fact that everything in his quarters or airship has to be organized...books, weapons, odd little knickknacks have to be organized by alphabet. He also is truly crazy and no longer sees human life as sacred as he once did, he will kill anybody without hesitation. He calls the 'End' as the 'Revelation of True Force'. He is the leader of the Order of the True Force, but he leaves the workings to other, preferring to travel around the world, spreading the knowledge of the True Force.

Biography: Before the world ended, Alan lived in an Orphanage. The Orphanage of Left Behind Kiids was what it was called. The Orphanage was a horrible place, and it lost most of the records of the kids that it had, so most of the kids didn't even know their own age. Alan was believed to be from 4 to 6, and in reality was three and a half. After the destruction of the world, the Orphanage was destroyed along with most of the adults and kids that worked there. He was taken in by some Mexican refugees who had fled Mexico way before 'the Beast' had arrived. He stayed with them for the next 9 years where he learned some Spanish from them, and then he left them behind, when he had his first encounter with the True Force. He found the True Force when he first meet some nomadic pirates. These pirates attacked the people he was with, and in terror, Alan called out for help, and with the call of help, lightning leaped from his fingertips and struck the leader of the pirates. The pirates fled, and Alan found the True Force. At first, he had no idea what this power was, but whenever the people thought he was asleep, they talked about the movie Star Wars.

What year, on site, did the  world end?
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Alan Trentson WIP
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