Dead to Rights
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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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PostSubject: Rogue   Rogue I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 1:08 am

Mia Lemporuge

Codename: Rogue

Rogue 8pQkRSj

Age: 17

Ethnicity/Race & Species: Caucasian/Human

-Past: None

Class(es): Rogue/Mage

Allegiance: The Resistance

Language(s) English, Resistance, Japanese

-Past: Wancover
-Present: Where 'The Resistance' May Reside

Appearance: Rogue is a 5'5, 125lb girl. She has short dirt brown hair and silver eyes. On her head she wears brown goggles-and-earphones. Her upperbody supports a leather bra-type shirt. It suppresses her C-46 Cup Breast. Leather binding help hold up her metalic arms. They are coverings that go over her arms to increase her punch damage. Her bottoms bring leather shorts. With toga like clothe.

Personality: Just as her CodeName entails. Rogue or Mia is a set-off individual. She preferes to stay in the shadows and wait for the right moment to attack.  Capable is something Rogue is. She, despite being a woman, is not weak by and means. In the world they live in, it's be strong or be dead. despite what is going on in the world, Rogue is calm, enles it comes to her OCD, but most times she is calm and collected.

Rogue is very OCD. She had no idea why, but ever since the 42nd Day.. She always has need to straighten things up, prefers to have symmetry and equal things. It might not seem like much but it can stray her from her battle. Eating at her mind, day and night. She is also very cunning.. Thinking her plans through thuroughly before acting. Impatient is also a word to describe Rogue. She doesn't like to be kept waiting hours on end. She doesn't mind a few minutes but 45+ is her limit. Secritive, like most people in the world today, Rogue keeps herself in the dark. She doesn't let her enemies catch her easily.

Biography: Rogue was born to Ashley and Raven Lemporuge. They lived in Wancouver. The weather was chilly and differed. She was born into a normal life. Living day by day as it came. It was 3 months after her brithday had rolled around, she was now 3 and everything changed. First there was storms and hail then asteroids. Siberia was hit first, hard. She lost her parents, but by some miracle she survived. Family had been visiting from Japan, as her mother was part Japanese. They took Mia and ran deep underground with her. Which might have been the safest place.

After 2 years, with everything of the world they use to know gone. Rogue was now 5. Her japenes family had been visiting because they wanted to know, if when Rogue turned 5 they could start training her in the ways of a ninja. But because her parents were gone and people had to fend for themselves, it was the best course of action. So her family taught her stealth, hand-to-hand combat. Some form of weapon combat. She exceeded their expectations at only the age of 5. So over the years they continued to train her.

It was on Feburary 10th, 2019 that this all changed. Rogue had been out on a scouting misson to find supplies, when she came back to blood splattered everywhere. Someone had infiltrated their hideout they had had for 5 years and murdered the family she had left. There was also a message for her, "No one Survives.." Signed by someone named.. Ember. That was it, she made it her misson to find this Ember and murder her.

(2 Year Time Skip)

"So.. I have finally found you... Ember." Rogue had become, one with shadows, to say. It had been 2 years and her family was dead. Ember had to pay. From her place in the darkness Ember eyed her target. She held a gun, she got from who knows where, but she was still not enough. "WAIT! I will teach you hwo to be a mage! Also, I know a guy who can help your punch!" She yelled as Rogue came out of the shadows ready to take the girl down. She stopped midway. "A mage you say?" Learning the ancient art of magic would certianly help her. Plus the mechanic "Hnn.. Fine." She was taught in the ways of the mage. All of the magic she could, also durning that time, she learnd how to cover herself in a bubble that protects her body from elements and cleans the air. It also serves as a shield. Also, the mechanic added medalic coverings to her arms so her punch would be x2 effective.

She killed the girl named Ember. Not because she wanted to, but because it was needed. She couldn't have someone who knew her face walking around. So she was rid of. The next thing she did was join one of the 3 factions. She choose.. Resistance. It was the best one for her. The others were just blood thirsty bastards. Now.. She has no idea what to do.

"Nice to Meet You. Though you should not have seen my face, Die Now."
"In the world we live in, It's be Strong or Be Dead."

Misc: Carries a Sword. Likes Sweets.

What year, on site, did the world end?
Um... It was something air to 1420.. Right?
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