Dead to Rights
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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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 James Wiggins

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James the Hacker

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PostSubject: James Wiggins   James Wiggins I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 31, 2014 12:12 am

James Wiggin

Codename: -He has two, one he uses in when dealing in the real world, the other used when he uses the Network: First, Nomad Second: Hacker. He does so in order that he can be protected from retaliation from people in the real world when he messes with them using the Network-

James Wiggins Steampunk_guy_by_adlovett-d4u3rno

Age: 24

Ethnicity/Race & Species: Caucasian, Homo Ispum

-Past: Hacker/kid at school
Hacker/Freelancing for factions who hire him out

Class(es): Inventor: Mechanist/Tinkerer

Allegiance: Freelances. He hires out to the first buyer

Language(s) Fully speaks and understands: Candorian, English... Partially speaks: Resistance

-Past: With his parents in a house in Texas
-Present: Nomadic

Appearance: James stands at 6' even. He has one cyborg-optic eye that has the eye color of blue, and the other is a brown. He wears brown pants, brown belt tool, long-sleeved white shirt, a dark blue vest, and a blue tie. On his left hand, he wears a brown glove. He also wears a brown shoulder bag that contains some of his most important tools. Within all this clothing is many parts of different machines. His left index finger when pulled off becomes a usb port, which he can use to directly hack anything with an usb port. He wears a belt tool, but that's really for show. Despite being a Mechanist and a Tinkerer, he usually hacks more than making stuff.

Personality: James is the clever type. He likes to plan thirteen steps ahead and plans a main plan and three backup plans in advance of doing anything. He makes friends, but usually it's on the internet. He keeps quiet in the real world, and pretends to know next to nothing about the Network or the hidden things within the Network. On the Network, under his pseudonym, Hacker, he has created a messaging system and Thought Link, the messaging system is open to the public, while he is the only one that can use Thought Link. (Thought Link is where he can directly chat with people who have at least something that is bionic and has speakers and a microphone. If they have a cpu component in their head, then he can directly talk to their brains, thus it sounds like he is speaking into their minds)

Biography: He was 10 when the world ended. At the time, he was only hacking some small firewalls. But the firewalls crashed as well, and very soon, he hacked everything he could. The world decayed around him, and he had to move constantly around. Whenever he was 19, he hacked the Network. By then, he had cyborg components in his head that increased his thinking process. He learned how to read Candorian though he doesn't exactly say how. He made himself invisible to the world at large, using the Network. At 21, he created the program he calls the True Network, and with the True Network, everything that joins the Network unwillingly, and unknowingly, joins True Network. It is one of the hidden programs under the Network, and in fact can only be shut down by James. Also at 21, he created both the messaging system and the Thought Link, though both took two years to be able to be fully used. Thought Link is still under alpha testing as it is still buggy. By 22, he had replaced his left index finger with the usb port, one of his eyes with an cyborg-optic computer where he can see things like he was looking on a computer screen and he had injected himself with nanites that protect him from the atmosphere.
Everything changed at age 24, because he found her. Her codename was ArchAngel and he felt like she was someone, he could share his world with her. As of now, he is factionless, but he thinks that if somebody persuaded him in the right direction, that he very well could.
He freelances for the factions, and the first buyer for his services win him. Of course, he does it per job basis and not employed to them until he quits, dies, or is fired. James, also, lives on his own airship, and roams from place to place when he doesn't have a current job. He doesn't care about staying in place and hasn't had a home since his parents died 14 years ago.

Qutes: If it's connected to the Network before, then it's connected to mine, and if it's connected to mine, then it's already been hacked
Please to make your acquaintance, now go away, before I hack you.
Good job, you manage to stop one of my plans... Now, what about the other three plans I have?

[b] Miscellaneous (Really, just stuff I forgot to mention): James's stuff runs off of "borrowed" electricity from the Network and solar power.  

                                                 Keepsakes: Silver ring of his father
                                                        `        Necklace of his mother
                                                  Earnings: He has access to the Network, so he doesn't really need to much money, though he has earned a lot of money.

What year, on site, did the world end? 2012, right? no wait... that was when it was suppose to end, but in reality it was June 8, 2014.
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James Wiggins
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