Dead to Rights
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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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 The Royal Union

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PostSubject: The Royal Union   Thu Jun 19, 2014 5:57 pm

The Royal Union

Symbol: Although there is no uniform or symbol for the group, all members are required to keep this pocket watch on their person and are forbidden from opening it

Leader: "His Royal Majesty And Lord High Regent Of House Kadota, Mayor of the kuolema And Conqueror Of Rakkaus, Sovereign Master Of Manala And Ruler Over The Seven Sacred Tiers Of Musta Huumori, Keeper Of Onnellisuus, And Executioner Of kohtalo"

Description: Although lacking the strength or numbers of the "big three" factions, The Royal Union is still just as influential, as his majesty has used his wealth to ingrain himself firmly within the culture, political affairs, and economy of the world.

Beloved by the common folk as a champion of affordable trade goods and innovative ideas, The Royal Union is secretly the most corrupt of all factions, partaking of every sort of despicable action, including white collar crime, assassination, prostitution, bribes , extortion, and many other notable actions besides.

The Royal union has yet to be found out thus far because of its fluid structure, maximizing member expendability and independence of involved parties, only requiring that all affiliates wear their pocket watches at all times, send The Royal union 60% of all profits, and never betray the involvement of the faction. To insure the final rule, all pocket watches can be remotely detonated by their superiors, killing the owner.

The group earns most of its profits and holds most of its strength in the air, using unmarked airships or the flag of another faction, to rapidly overtake trade convoys while they are unawares, regardless of their allegiance, making their movements hard to trace.

His majesty has also used profits to construct hundreds of automatons, selling them as bodyguards to the rich and powerful, though he can take control of them at a moments notice, helping him control key figures.

Despite it's illegal activities, much of the profits also come from legitimate trade, using heavily guarded trade vessels which have rapidly earned a reputation for reliability, though there are surprisingly fewer raids on these ships.

Goals: To greatly increase the power of all those involved on an economic and political level, particularly that of its leader, His Majesty.

Ideals This organization prizes cunning, independence, strength , speed, and amorality.

Allies: Though disliked for their tendency to monopolize trade and profit by other businesses, a The Royal Union maintains cool and beneficial relations with almost every government and business.

Enemies: The Royal Union has crushed many businesses and innocent lives in its blind quest for power, though none of these people have yet coalesced into an organization.
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The Royal Union
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