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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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 Character Allowances & Requirements

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PostSubject: Character Allowances & Requirements   Mon Jun 16, 2014 7:40 pm

Each character's Codename has to be completely and totally unique to that character; NO TWO CHARACTERS CAN HAVE THE SAME CODENAME. The DTR world works on its own terms and systems; these codenames are like a website's usernames. It's essentially a registry for everyone, known as the Network, courtesy of those that originally began to set up civilization after the blasts. It is also proper to have the Codename as CS's title.

Reference images can be face claimed, but if you want to use a character for reference, you either choose its name or the picture; you cannot have both. In addition, no two people can have the same reference image unless they happen to be twins.

Keep your character's age reasonable. The world ended on June 8th, 2014, people were able to surface approximately ten years later, and the roleplay takes place in the year 2028.

Your characters' Ethnicity/Race and Species must be logical. While there are mutations and cybernetics, you must remain within reason. There are no aliens on DTR.

Remember that the site takes place fourteen years after the end of the world. Occupations, thus, must be logical. If your character is younger than 20 on-site, then there is no way that they had an occupation before the end of the world. Beyond that, your character could have been in training, in school, or legitimately working. Most post-apocalypse jobs will be accepted as possible.

Classes have not all been worked out completely, as you all know, but you each are well aware of the limits. To clarify, however: everyone is allowed to dual class. In addition to this, being two subsections of one class is not considered being two classes (such as, with the case of the Alchemist, there are Chemists and Metallurgists; you can be both of these and it still count as a single class).

Allegiances are to whatever faction or factions your character is apart of. There are currently THREE big factions: the Resurgence, the Rebellion, and the Resistance. You may have an allegiance to no faction, one of the Big Three, and any number of smaller factions. It is not recommended, however, to be aligned with feuding factions.

All languages that existed pre-apocalypse still exist post-apocalyptic (assuming that everyone that knew said languages didn't all die). In addition to this, the Big Three each have their own codes; the Resistance, as they are generally the most cunning, has almost an entire language created. There is also a language specifically for the Network itself, known as Cardonian. You may list a language as known even if you only know conversational snippets.

Homeless does count as a residence for both pre- and post-apocalyptic times. Regardless, you must list a residence for both times, even if you just say "Nomadic."

I will NOT accept merely an image as your appearance description. You must have at LEAST a paragraph --- five COMPLETE sentences --- for your description. If you do not meet this limit then I will not accept your character. Include physical descriptions of your character's body, any mutations or physical disabilities that your character has. In addition, include your character's clothing. Bear in mind that goggles, gas masks (with or without oxygen tanks), and possible protective gear are required, as you would not last outside very long otherwise. In addition, dyes are limited to Resurgence and/or those that trade with them, as they are expensive; otherwise, clothes are blacks, tans, browns, or certain reds (basically, natural, earthy colors). Keep appearance, clothing, modifications, etc. in-line with the Steampunk/Cyberpunk theme.

Due to the apocalypse, as well as the subsequent fallout, no character is going to be completely "normal." It is more likely than not that your character will have, at LEAST, PTSD. Include this, as well as any other possible mental health/psychological disorders with your character's personality. It is PREFERRED that this section be at least two paragraphs in length, as character development is more of the emphasis than the actual visual substance of them; this challenges you as a writer. A single paragraph will, however, be accepted. Do NOT, in the course of the roleplay, stray from your character's personality or disorders.

What was your character's life like before the apocalypse? During? Since? That is what the biography section is for. This is expected to be a significantly longer section than the others; two to three paragraphs is the bare MINIMUM. You may also, and it is highly recommended that you include where it is that you want to go with this character and his/her development.

You may add other sections to your character sheets as you see fit, and I will not stop you if you wish to include things such as romantic interest/orientation(s), abilities, property, etc. It is recommended that you add a weapon section if your character is of a combatant class.

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Character Allowances & Requirements
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