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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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PostSubject: Aquila   Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:28 pm


Alaina "Jetstream" Thompson (Admiral, Figurehead Leader of Aquila)
Captain's Council (Decision making body of the Fleet)

Aquila is a collection of Merchants, Mercenaries, and Pilots who no longer wished to be under the thumb of others. The work of Jetstream, Talon, and several others, Aquila is a completely mobile faction, functioning entirely from The Black Fleet, and their flagship, the Leviathan. Loyalty to the fleet is not needed unless you plan on making it your permanent home. Ships join and leave the fleet all the time, usually smaller vessels paying a minor fee for the security of transport from one area to the next. True members of the fleet need not pay, but are expected to assist in the event of an attack

Aquila has no true goal, save the continuation of their way of life, and their freedom.

Aquila serves as a home for those whose only freedom is found in the air. People who've grown tired of the heavy hand of the Resurgence, but find themselves unwilling to fight with the Rebellion or the Resistance.

Those who can afford their services, aside from Resurgence

Resurgence, God's Divine Army

Reference for the Leviathan:
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