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Dead to Rights

The world is gone. It took 4 1/2 years to be able to surface again; it's been nearly ten years since then. The Earth is still here... but it's not the same.
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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:24 am

We ask that you make your character sheet's title your character's CODENAME.
Name Here (Chances are, ya got one of these)

Codename:(Most OC's will have some sort of alias they use because the name their momma's gave 'em just wasn't good enough)

Reference Pic here

Age:(Your character probably has one of these as well)

Ethnicity/Race & Species: (black is not a species, looking at you elder scrolls)

-Past: (pre-apocalypse)
-Present: (post-apocalypse)

Class(es): (Not social status, the D&D type thing)

Allegiance: (Your current Faction alignment(s))

Language(s): (Contrary to popular belief, not everybody uses the same variety of gab)

-Past: (pre-apocalypse)
-Present: (post-apocalypse)

Appearance: (Hopefully you look like...something. Not sure what though)

Personality: (ranges between cheerleader-shallow, and well-read Englishman)

Biography: (How did you get THAT messed up? Or maybe your life has just been totally boring. Either way, your parents are probably dead)

What date, on site, did the world end? (There should be an answer here)

[center][size=20][u]Name Here[/u][/size]

[size=15][b]Codename:[/b] -here- [/size]

[img]Reference Pic URL here[/img]


[b]Ethnicity/Race & Species:[/b]









[i]What date, on site, did the world end?[/i]
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Character Template
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